Ivan 24 years: I think I have really deep feelings towards my fiancée. I think I really love her.
Trifonoff: Don’t worry it will all be over after the marriage…

John 28 years: I like very much collogue of mine but I don’t know how to ask her out. What should I talk to her?
Trifonoff: If you are 28 and don’t know how to hit a girl you’d better focus on the porn magazines…

Sarah 22 years: I am really sexy girl (I look exactly like Angelina Jolly) and there are really a lot of men who are asking for my phone… but then nobody calls. What do I do wrong?
Trifonoff: You are probably blond and you probably don’t know your number.

Tania 16 years: Do men really like better women with big tits or is it just science fiction?
Trifonoff: Do women really like better men with big portfolios or is it just science fiction…

Tim 14 years: Do I have to kiss the girl on our first date?
Trifonoff: No.

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