It’s very odd I know… I have never felt such passion towards any company before (towards no company if I need to be more specific). Am I wrong, or is there just something really sexy about Google? And furthermore if I could peck Google on the cheek, I would.
OK, let’s not get too intimate, but I really do find Google attractive in a way I have never felt about other girl before. I can spend all my life with Google and the only think I need to see when I get up is her.
Google is a SEXY in a irresistible way!
If Google was a chick I’d jump it right away. Maybe it’s the OO in Google reminding me of something? I honestly don’t know!
What do you think am I OK?

Trifonoff: for people like you there are nice big white facilities and professionals who can really help. Please, do not hesitate to contact them before you find sexual attraction in Yahoo as well.

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