Overachieving sheepdog

Once upon a time there was an overly ambitious sheepdog. He was determined to prove to his new owner that he was the best sheepdog around.

So one day, the ambitious sheepdog decided to go on a mission. He would go out and collect sheep from all around the country and bring them back to his new owner’s kitchen.

The sheepdog traveled far and wide, collecting sheep from the hills of California, the deserts of Arizona, and the plains of Texas. After many days of herding, the ambitious sheepdog had finally collected enough sheep from all around the country.

He marched the sheep back to his new owner’s kitchen and proudly presented them to his owner. To his surprise and delight, his owner was so impressed with the sheepdog’s herding skills that he gave him a big hug and some treats.

From then on, the ambitious sheepdog was known as the best sheepdog around. He had shown everyone that he could do the impossible.

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