2 mice high on pharmacy approved dope harass a fat lazy cat

Once upon a time, in a cozy little house, there lived two mice named Jerry and Mickey.

Jerry and Mickey were part of the new generation of mice, who were always high on pharmacy-approved dope. They believed that this made them superior to other animals, and they were always looking for a chance to prove it.

The house’s resident fat, lazy cat named Mittens, who was content lounging around the house all day, tried to ignore the mice at first. But Jerry and Mickey were relentless, constantly taunting Mittens and telling her how superior they were. Jerry said to Mittens: “You cats, are animals of the past, we mice are the future! We are so advanced animals that we allow ourselves to pick and change our genders”

Mickey added: “Can you even comprehend how advance this is!”

Mittens just didn’t care about the advanced new generations of mice.

Mickey and Jerry continued pushing the fat cat: “You lazy beast, own us compensation because of previous generations of cats were eating mice.”

Mittens, who was too lazy to move, let alone chase after the mice, just rolled her eyes and sighed. But Jerry and Mickey didn’t take the hint and continued to harass Mittens, even going so far as to climb on her back and ride her like a horse. They were having the time of their lives, high on dope and believing they were superior to the cat.

Finally, Mittens had enough. She jumped on the mice killed them and eat them.

Moral: “Weak cats create stupid mice!”

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