two drank cows complaining

Once upon a time, in a far-off field, there were two cows named Bessie and Daisy. Bessie and Daisy were best friends and spent most of their days grazing in the lush green grass and chatting about the happenings on the farm. But little did they know, their peaceful existence was about to be turned upside down.

One day, as they were lying in the shade of a large oak tree, Bessie said to Daisy, “You know, I can’t help but feel like our owner is a bit racist.”

Daisy looked at Bessie in confusion. “Racist? What do you mean? Our owner treats all the animals on the farm the same.”

Bessie huffed. “That’s just it. He treats all the animals the same, except for the sheep.”

Daisy looked around, confused. “Sheep? What sheep?”

Bessie gestured to the nearby field. “Those sheep. The sheep over there, our owner spends hours each day with them, grooming them and pampering them. He’s always praising them for their wool, but what about our milk? It’s discrimination plain and simple.”

Daisy couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s absurdity. “Bessie, you’re drunk. Our owner is not racist, he just have different tasks for different animals. Sheep are raised for their wool, cows for their milk and meat. It’s not about discrimination, it’s about their purpose.”

But Bessie was not to be swayed, “I tell you Daisy, it’s a conspiracy. I bet if we were sheep, he would pay us much more attention.”

Daisy shook her head in amusement. “Oh Bessie, you’re too much. Let’s just enjoy our grass and leave the sheep to our owner.”

But Bessie would not let it go, she was determined to prove to Daisy that their owner was indeed racist. So, she came up with a plan. The next day, Bessie and Daisy woke up early and snuck into the owner’s shed where they found a large bag of black paint. They then proceeded to paint themselves black and white, to look like sheep.

When the owner came out to the field, he was shocked to see two “sheep” among his cows. Bessie and Daisy bleated and acted like sheep, trying their best to prove their point. The owner was completely confused and had no idea what was happening.

The other animals on the farm couldn’t contain their laughter as they watched Bessie and Daisy’s antics. In the end, it was clear that the cows’ owner had no preference for sheep over cows, and Bessie and Daisy had to admit defeat. They washed off the paint, feeling silly, but still managed to have a good laugh about it.

From that day on, Bessie and Daisy were known as the “sheep in cow’s clothing” and their little adventure provided entertainment for the entire farm for weeks to come.

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