1. My parole officer thinks Sarah has a calming effect on me.
2. Did you see that saucer that flew over town yesterday?
3. Which one of you taught Sarah to give such great head?
4. Can you believe it those j@rks at the corner market won’t cash my welfare check!
5. We’re going to keep our relationship quiet for now, my wife can be rather vindictive at times.
6. Those home pregnancy kits aren’t very reliable in my opinion.
7. Sarah is so pretty I’ve decided to give up being bisexual just for her.
8. Nice place you’ve got here, that painting looks expensive, I bet a nice home like this came with a safe already built in, didn’t it?
9. There ain’t nothing that beats that great feeling of knowing your HIV test results are negative! I bet Sarah’s will be okay too.
10. Can I put my car in your garage? I’m not sure how long that cop car will stay lost…

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