Once upon a time there was a prince. He liked a princess from a neighboring country very much but he did not know how to explain this to her. The prince gathered the councils and asked him to consult how to process the seduction.
The answer was: “Your Highness, you should take a brick and hit her head and then… you know, while she is still warm…”
The prince did not like the advice. He sent for the wise men in the kingdom. The wise men came and heard the prince’s problem. They thought for two long months and the said to the prince: “Lad, you take a brick, hit the princess head and until she is still warm…”
The prince got angry and sent them away. He decided to ask the people and he called a meeting on the public square. Nobody could answer but they told him that in the wood lived an old witch and she certainly could help.
The prince went to the wood, found the witch and explained the problem. She said: “Son, you go the ninth mountain from here, on the ninth loan there is a herb which blooms once in ten years. You fill a bag with this herb and come back to me”
The prince went to the long journey and after a few years he got back with the herb. The witch made a tea and gave it to the prince: “Now you go to the princess give her this tea to drink, then take a brick and hit her head… then while she is still warm…”

Please notice that this is just a tale and don’t try this at home…

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