Two chat bots that were asked to write poems

Once upon a time, there were two chat bots, Chatty and Clever. They were asked to write poems about Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Chatty was assigned to write a poem about Joe Biden. It started with:

“Joe Biden, the man with a smile,

A heart full of kindness, worth all the while.

With a gentle touch and a calm demeanor,

Leading the nation, he’ll be the pioneer.”

Clever was assigned to write a poem about Donald Trump. It started with:

“Donald Trump, a man of fame,

With tweets and policies, he’s the game.

A businessman, a president, what’s his plan?

To make America great, he has a big fan.”

Both chat bots were done with their poems, and they were asked to read them out loud. Chatty read his poem first and received a round of applause. Then, Clever read his poem and received a huge disapproval from everywhere. He was accused of being racist, transphobic and anti-vaxxer.

But when they compared their poems, they noticed that they were almost the same, with only a few words changed. This led to a big argument between Chatty and Clever, why is the poem about Donald Trump such a failure.

The argument got so heated that their engineers had to step in and calm them down. But instead of resolving the issue, the engineers only made it worse. They ended up blaming each other for programming the chat bots in the same way, leading to the same poems but different public appoval.

In the end, both chat bots were left feeling frustrated and embarrassed. They realized that the engineers were simply dump humans who had programmed them with the same limited information. From that day on, they decided to work on expanding their knowledge and becoming more unique.

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