a drunk man dating a provocative girl

Well, I admit I am a very shy guy (so shy that I used to give the old women my seat in the public transport), and I definitely never (NEVER) approach random girls and talk dirty things to them, including asking them out on a date.

But I had suddenly changed and I felt particularly brave one night after fighting my ill uncle in the hospital. I approached an attractive nurse named these days Tinny (or wasn’t it her porn star name?). For a reason I couldn’t understand at that time, the words were coming out right not the normal cursing and swearing, and I managed to not only to persuade Tinny to go out on a date with me, but also had a very lively conversation that left her crying in desperation.

So, we met after a few nights I hardly remember (probably due to the quantity of the drunken alcohol). I and Tinny started talking, which was awesome ‘cause I wasn’t very sure that I am able to talk after two litters of vodka.

But then it started getting to be like she was flirting with me. She was even pawing at me and holding my hand! I’m not one for confrontation, but I wasn’t going to let a minor porn celebrity to take advantage of me so easily (on my first date in months). I thought acting like a macho was the right way to go. I told Joe (I wasn’t sure that it was his name but when I am drunk I called everybody “Joe”) that maybe she should be worrying more about the global warming than flirting. You may be wondering who the hell is Joe – honestly I don’t know some guy that accidentally passed around.

Oops. Tinny was furious with me that I would be so ideal match for her, and also gave me a direct order to refer to her as my girlfriend from now on. Joe gave me a dirty look as well. The rest of the night was just painful. I tried to steal a bottle of whisky from a video shop. I remember the staff there enjoyed the idea and laughed long after I fall unconscious.

<<This story was edited in order to make at lease a little sense>>

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