drunk man on a date

I was a bit horny to give it a spin. It was summer, I was bored, and I was at home with the movies before moving off to grad school. I figured there was nothing to lose in just meeting a few men for the sake of it.

“Tim” seemed just like an alcoholic online. He contacted me first offering to buy me a bottle of whiskey. We had some pretty good AIM conversations, and we did some nasty phone jokes, as well. He arranged something pretty impressive for the first date. He said he would pick me up and take me to a Zimbabian restaurant, and then to a karate club. I thought it sounded wonderful.

Date night! He shows up in his 35 years old chevy. He steps out. Here is the ridiculous good part: his pictures did not do him justice. He was killer keep. The first man I met off the ‘net who was a complete junk, for lack of a better word.

My body didn’t matter, even within a few minutes. He starts speeding and swearing and he blasts his as loudly as he can to avoid touching my legs. The only things he pushed were things that matters. Wrong thing to say to a sex major.

At dinner, he asked me appropriate questions such as if I would sleep with another woman for money. I would have slept with ROSIE O’ DONNELL to simply get me in his home! He had no idea what anything on the tv and kept staring at me to make me true believer. He even told me this is reason he was staring at me.

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